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Gio Nam Mua Lan at a charity event in 2007.

Miscommunication will result in...misplacement.

Gio Nam Mua Lan always reach for the stars.

The ladies who are bringing down the new year and brought down the house!


It's that time again...

A look in the past with David "I'm a junior in middle school" Lam, Richie "O-M-G look at my face" Phan, Vu "this is when puberty starts" Nguyen, Ryan "awesome supercut on a baby's butt" Tong, and Hung "I'm too sexy for my tail" Le.

Gió Nam Múa Lân were lucky enough to attend a Red Carpet event for Terin Taylor and perform before Brian McKnight.

Gió Nam Múa Lân opened for H-mart at Diamond Jamboree.

Our fresh new set of cubs are preparing for their first performance.

We had the privelege of visiting Loong Mah's practice and receiving words of wisdom from Sifu Wilson Mah on a retreat to Nor-Cal.

Southern Young Tigers and Gió Nam Múa Lân, parts of the Triple-A-Lions, collaborated in a grand opening performance for Diamond Jamboree. The performance consisted of two lions with duel drums to represent each lion's own heart beat, a performance that is not often seen.

Richie Phan had the honour of blessing Gió Nam's new lion, Ra. Ryan Tong and Hung Le were given the privilege of being Ra's just first dancers. The purpose of Ra is to become the new Pride Leader of the lions and take on the responsibility of Rufio.

Gió Nam Múa Lân welcomes Jade and debuts her in the Vietnamese Student Association Culture Night of 2009. Jade were choosen to take over the title for Dennis, the 2nd powerhouse. Thank you Brian Dang and Elite III for the grand picture!

Introducing the majority of 2010-2011 GNML team.

Gio Nam Mua Lan 2010 with the Princess of Rose Pageant, Miss Michelle Le.

Jade making her 3rd spotlight appearance, making her our spotlight lion. Gio Nam member Minh and Steve danced beautifully in the 2011 Vietnamese Student Assoication Culture Night.

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