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Group Photo | Gio Nam Mua Lan | Southern Wind Lion Dance | Orange CountyGió Nam Múa Lân prides ourselves as being a community-based team and therefore are dedicated to all those in the southern California community who are willing to continue the art and tradition, as well as to better themselves. We are always looking for fresh new faces to join our lion dance family! There is absolutely no experience necessary; all we ask from prospective members is to have an open mind and a willingness to give it your best.

Gio Nam's discipline in the art of Lion dancing extends far beyond the scope of just dancing for entertainment. Lion dance is considered to be a form of martial arts, although most would not associate the two, and as such we structure our lessons not only to teach the dance, but also to emphasize on balance, stances, strength, endurance, respect, unity, moral etc.

Why lion dance?

Are you interested in getting in touch with you're cultural roots? How about learning some martial arts skill? Improve your endurance, balance, strength and health? Want to try something that most of your friends are NOT doing and make it uniquely to you? Whatever your motivations are, lion dance is the perfect opportunity to get a good workout, learn and promote the cultures and traditions, while also making lifelong friends. We do shows and events all over Southern California, from weddings to grand openings, and carnivals to music concerts.

Whether you're a high school students, college students or working adult, enhance your life experience through a more cultural, fun, and energetic way by joining Southern Wind Lion Dance. Lion dance is a very unique dance that will separate a person from the masses.

Team Goals

  • To spread the knowledge, history, and tradition of Lion Dance
  • To gain recognition of the community and earn its respect and support
  • To build long lasting friendship
  • To develop discipline amongst oneself
  • To learn respect others as well as oneself
  • To develop better balance, strength, endurance and health
  • To be a place of comfort when life become challenging


If you want to experience the trust and relationship we build with the art and each others, send us an email at gionamUCI@gmail.com for practices time and date. We would love for you to come out and experience something different for a change.

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